365 days of orchids – day 455 – Odontoglossum mirandum (Oncidium mirandum)

This lovely Odontoglossum species is reported as growing in cloud forest clearings in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia from 1600-3000m and so is well suited to conditions in our Cool Americas section.

The flowers have striking markings and are produced on long arching spikes like many Odontoglossum species.

You may have noted that at the Orchid Project we have a particular liking for Odontoglossums (see Odontoglossum cristatum – Grand Champion European Orchid Conference) This is a group of plants I have been growing since the age of 13 (that’s 43 years!) and I still get a thrill from seeing a well grown plant with a beautiful arching spike like this one.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    43 years, not bad for a first love young man! I do agree the Odontoglossums in your greenhouse are very beautiful.

    Last Friday I bought a Cypripedium orchid from the garden centre. My gardenat my house, not the one on the hill, has almost a metre of very fertile topsoil and l know this orchid will not grow well in it. Would the orchid do better if I made a bed in an old sink or something and what sort of soil should I put in the sink? I am planning on putting more outdoor orchids withit so it won’t be lonely!