365 days of orchids – day 444 – Cymbidium devonianum

This is one of our favourite Cymbidium species and a real it is a treat to be able to take this plant to Paris with us.

Cymbidium devonianum produces dense pendulous spikes of dramatically coloured flowers and thanks to its unusual habit of flowering of older bulbs as well as last year’s bulbs produces spikes in profusion. Our plant here has seven spikes which are all opening together this week.

In Sikkim we have found this species growing in heavy shade, low in trees and usually in pockets of detritus and dead leaves that keeps the plant damp through the dry season.

In cultivation we replicate the cool, wet shady conditions it enjoys and too much light or too little water results in brown tips to the thick leaves. We grow plants in baskets to allow the pendulous flower spikes to emerge and not become trapped in the bottom of a pot.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Bon voyage, bonne chance et bientot!