365 days of orchids – day 423 – Cymbidium wenshanense


This is the first flowering at Writhlington of this distinctive cymbidium species from China and Northern Vietnam. The species is reported growing as an epiphyte in evergreeen forests from 1000 to 1500m. The species is small growing for a cymbidium with fine leaves but has large attractive flowers with lovely lip markings. The fine picotee edge to the lip given by small pink hairs is particularly startling. The flowers are also sweetly fragrant.

The species has some similarities with Cymbidium erythrosylum but has larger flowers and a very different lip. We find that the species enjoys growing in a basket in Cool Asia where we keep it watered all year but try to keep water off the flowers.

This is species is not as commonly available as seed raised plants as we would expect and so we will be pollinating these flowers and hope to raise seedlings in our lab alongside our many other Cymbidium species.


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