365 days of orchids – day 420 – Cattleya trianae


Earlier in the month we gave you Cattleya trianae ‘alba’ and this has now been joined by this lovely plant with the more usual pink flowers.

As we have noted before Cattleya trianae is the national flower of Colombia and is endemic to that country where it is found in open woodland at around 1000m altitude. In cultivation we find that plants enjoy good light and free draining compost but plenty of water when in growth. We grow all our Cattleya trianaes in baskets hung high in the roof of the greenhouse and filled with a course bark and no moss. The plants produce masses of roots and we keep them just damp in the winter but much wetter in the summer.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    You appear to have two orchids of the day for February 24th. I am not complaining though because they are both beautifully. This one reminds me of a magical ball gown. I really like the way it has a darker pink centre with yellow highlights.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks Agnes – We were getting ahead of ourselves. I am sure the pollinating bees like the darker pink centre with the yellow highlights too.