Dendrobium tetragonum A


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  1. Gerry Walsh says:

    Hello in the UK. Your Dendrobium tetragonum is not the type variety tetragonum (small flowered type form). Rather it is Den. melaleucaphyllum, the larger flowered form that grows on paperbark trees usually near saltwater estuaries near the coast. Your pic shows a plant that is very short in the pseudobulb and it is understandable that you made the error. The blooms are very representative of the larger variety of Den. tetragonum, ie: D. melaleucaphyllum. Sorry for being pedantic! Gerry Walsh.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks again Gerry – I look forward to your advice around a number of our Australian dendrobiums many of which have been donated from very old collections and have labels that are either no longer valid or may have been wrong in the first place. Can you tell us a little about your experience with Australian orchid species as it would be particularly useful for the students responsible for this part of our collection to have an expert to help them learn more about these wonderful plants.