Sarcochilus fitsgeraldii B


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  1. Gerry Walsh says:

    I really apologise for being the bearer of bad news. However, your plant is not a species. I suspect it is a Fitzhart, a hybrid of Sarc. fitzgeraldii and Sarc. hartmannii. The colouring all around the base of the tepals indicates this. Pure hartmannii does not do that, plus the labellum is too large by far for straight S. hartmannii. Those are a pointer to your plant being largely composed of S. fitzgeraldii and less of S. hartmannii. There is a chance that it is a pure S. fitzgeraldie of course. There are a vast number of hybrids around these days so the parentage of your plant may never be solved. However, it certainly not a pure S. hartmannii. Also, S. hartmannii is a denizen of high rocky mountains, but never near the coast sorry. Gerry Walsh

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks Gerry – we are always delighted to hear informed information from people with specialist knowledge. It will be a pleasure for students to rename the plant tomorrow. Could you give us your opinion on the plant we have labelled as Sarc. aequalis