365 days of orchids – day 406 – Masdevallia hirtzii


This small growing masdevallia is one or our biggest performers . Each year Masdevallia hirtzii produces 3 or four flushes of its large orange flowers. Its last flowering was at the end of October and now it is full of flower again.

The species is found in cloud forests in Ecuador and Peru from 1200-1550m altitude and so is well suited to conditions in our Cool Americas section (min 12C) where it grows in a basket that is kept well watered throughout the year and shaded. As those who follow our posts regularly will know the orange  tubular flowers are evolved for pollination by humming birds.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Yet another rainy Saturday. Too wet and muddy for outside gardening. Never mind I will have to do armchair gardening instead. What a beautifully cheerful orchid this is. The colour of a glowing fire on this rather bleak day.
    Ps Are they tears of joy or sadness that this little orchid has in your description?
    I think it is so pretty it would make anyone smile!