365 days of orchids – day 395 – Pleurothallis hemirhoda

Another new Pleurothallis for 365 days is this rather odd species found from Colombia and Venzuela down to Peru. It is a small growing plant (the leaves and stems are currently 10cm long in total) that produces infrequent large solitary large flowers – this one is 4cm across and 5cm from top to bottom. The name means half-red pleurothallis but our plant has hardly any red and its colouring is rather more reminiscent of a poached egg!

The plant is found in wet forest from 500-2100m and so it is at home in Cool Americas and it will be interesting to see how it develops into a specimen. A plant with many flowers our at once would be quite a sight.



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  1. Mark Wilson says:

    Simon and students – the current name is P. nuda – according to Luer P. hemirhoda is a synonym of P. nuda – actually, I believe P. hemirhoda is a separate species that is indeed half-red instead of mostly yellow. 🙂