365 days of orchids – day 656 – Pleurothallis linearifolia

Some of our orchids are not much bigger than the moss that grows around them and Pleurothallis linearifolia is a true miniature species native to Brazil and Northern Argentina where it grows in cloud forest. Leaves are only 1cm long but flowers are relatively large and bourn in profusion every autumn. We find plants do well […]


365 days of orchids – day 655 – Ornithophora radicans

We are very fond of miniature orchids and this species is one we find easy to grow and very rewarding. Ornithophora radicans is a warm growing miniature species from Brazil found near the Atlantic coast at around 400m altitude. However in cultivation our plants are not fussy. We find that the species prefers deep shade […]


Wristbands arrive for the British Orchid Show and Congress

Sixth form student James has worked really hard to prepare things for the British Orchid Show and he has been in charge of wristbands. He is delighted that they have arrived. Wrist bands will help us to manage the large number of people coming to the show and pre-booked for all the different registration options. […]