Don’t miss the Bee and Pollination Day at the Bristol University Botanic Garden

We are preparing for one of our favourite weekends in the calendar. From 10-5 next Saturday and Sunday the Bristol University Botanic Garden will be a ‘buzz’ with people and activities including students from the orchid project introducing the public to the amazing stories of orchids and their diverse pollinators.  


365 days of orchids – day 597 – Odontoglossum multistelare

We have a number of very attractive species that are found labelled either Odontoglossum or Oncidium and we have adopted the approach of the International Odontoglossum Alliance and relabelled ours as Odontoglossums. Odontoglossum multistelare is a cool growing species found in cloud forests at around 2000m altitude from Ecuador to Peru. The plant produces branched spikes […]