365 days of orchids – day 493 – Trichopilia tortilis

This dramatic species native to Central America and Mexico grows in wet lowland forest up to 1500m ands so we grow the species warm wet and shaded in our Warm Asia section. The flowers are large and scented but particularly interesting because of their corkscrew twisted petals and sepals which break the normal bilateral symmetry […]


Early May in Asham Woods

A month ago Asham Wood on the Mendips was full of wild daffodils in flower but now the Early Purple Orchids (Orchis mascula) are at their best (above) along with Bluebells and Ransoms (below) Orchis mascula is generally a woodland species (although last week we featured it in Dorset grassland) and really enjoys well maintained […]


365 days of orchids – day 491 – Phalaenopsis parishii

This tiny Phalaenopsis species is one of our favourites.¬†The delicate flowers are scented and produced on short spikes. The species¬† is native to lowland forest in the Eastern Himalayas through to South East Asia. The plant produces masses of flat green roots which are likely to be significant in photosynthesis as the leaves are small […]