365 days of orchids – day 462 – Odontoglossum hallii

This species is native to Ecuador and forms a large growing plant with long spikes of 8cm wide flowers. Odontoglossums have now been included in Oncidium but as a genus Odontoglossum is useful as the species that were included share cultural requirements – cool, damp shade similar to their cloud forest homes – that differs […]


Thoughts turning to wild flowers and native British Orchids

  This time of year is time to get out and enjoy the fantastic wild flora of Britain. This has been a cold spring for our corner of Somerset and a walk through nearby Asham Wood (The Mendip’s largest and most biodiverse ancient semi-natural woodland) shows that many species are flowering a little later than […]


365 days of orchids – day 461 – Stelis lapoi

Today’s species is another that flowers for several months of the year. Stelis lapoi is one of our larger Stelis species with leaves reaching 20cm and long flower stems with partially opening 1cm flowers. The flowers bloom all together and when several stems flower together they look very attractive. The species is native to Ecuador […]