365 days of orchids – day 435 – Polystachya bella

We have had the pleasure of coming across several Polystachya species during our expeditions to Rwanda and South Africa. Polystachya bella clearly shows the characteristic non-resupinate (upside down) flowers of the genus and produces long sprays of hairy golden flowers from the top of the most recent pseudobulb. The species is native to the Kenya […]


Sales plants at Paris

  We have sorted our sales plants for Paris and the species we are selling are shown below. They look lovely in their sales trays and we are looking forward to setting up our sales tables in Paris Genus Species Angraecum didieri Barbosella australis Barbosella dusenii Barkeria whartonia Bilbophyllum Elizabeth Ann Bulbophyllum eberhardti Bulbophyllum falcatum […]