365 days of orchids – day 371 – Cymbidium iridioides

January is a great month in the School Greenhouse for Cymbidium species (see Cymbidium erythraeum – day 369) with great diversity in colour and form. Cymbidium iridiodes is remarkable for its large flowers with rich red stripes and spots. This is one of our Himalayan species and one we believe we have seen in Sikkim […]


365 days of orchids – day 370 – Cuitlauzina pulchella

  This exquisite and sweetly scented species species from Mexico and Central America is a cool growing species found in high altitude cool mossy forests from 1200 to 2600m and so we grow plants in our Cool Americas section, shaded and watered throughout the year. The scent is reminiscent of almonds and is very popular […]


Greenpod – Sowing half a million seeds of Cymbidium hookerianum

Today we sowed Cymbidium hookerianum seeds using the green pod method. The seed pod has been maturing since we pollinated flowers in January 2017 and we are sowing seed just as this year’s flowers open on parent plants (see photo above). One of the seed pods has split (the seed has been dried and stored) […]