World Orchid Conference – Part 1

As Simon said last week, I have travelled to Ecuador to attend and speak at the 22nd World Orchid Conference. Tuesday was the first full day of the conference, which was full of interesting speakers. I spent the day looking around the conference’s displays and the plants on show, including a display of wonderful Phalaenopsis hybrids.

Thursday was spent visiting Ecuagenera’s nursery here in Guayaquil, a place in many ways is an orchid growers paradise, acres of growing space all full of many different species from all around the world, mostly from South America. At the moment their Cattleya Maxima are in flower including hundreds of ‘Coerulea’ forms, which made for quite a spectacular sight. The conference has now ended, but the show is still on tomorrow so I will endeavour to photograph as many of the species and hybrids on display.




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  1. Simon Pugh-Jones says:

    Thanks for the post Jacob. I look forward to seeing more photos. How did your lecture go?

  2. Lisa says:

    Jacob your presentation was excellent, thorough and interesting. I am really pleased that the conference has been a success. Please get in touch and perhaps we can visit Ecuagenera’s Cuenca site next week. I will be visiting Guayaquil botanic garden this week too, you are welcome to join. If not, all the best with your travels and education!