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  1. christine maybank says:

    This was a fascinating and wonderful item on a brilliant project. I care for my 100+ year old mum, who was a florist and creative gardener/plantswoman and so much more. Over the past few years she has been confined to her upstairs room, in bed. Her window ledge has a row of orchids which are a never ending source of fascination…especially as i have managed to keep them growing and re flowering over and over… all phelanopsis so far. The upstairs window faces the afternoon and setting sun and the room is always warm. ideal!
    I have passed on your details to a guy who used to raise orchids when living in Singapore. He also loves orchids.
    Is there any hope of realising the dream to grow orchids on and industrial scale for medicinal purposes here in the uk? is there info on specifics re medicinal purposes? I also have just one fragrant white small flowered orchid. Are there others available in Uk? We live in Kent. …Quite near to Lullingstone and Tom Hartdyke. Does he know about you? He was kidnapped in Central America, hunting for orchids!
    Thank you again for this work with school children. Brilliant! ( I am a retired art teacher…you are giving vision and a heritage to the next generation!!!!) Christine Maybank