Best in Show and other awards at the Devon Orchid Show

Our plants have won several awards at the Devon Orchid Show today including Bulbophyllum eberhardtii shown here which won Best in Show, Best Species and Best any other species.

The plant is a real specimen with 19 flowering spikes and 7 more in bud. Each flower spike has 15 flowers so that is around 300 flowers. Each smells of fresh fish.

Other awards where best dendrobium for Dendrobium victoria regina, Best Cymbidium for Cymbidium finlaysonianum, Best Pahalenopsis for Phalaenopsis parishii, Best Miniature for Macroclinium chasei, and merit awards for Cymbidiumtigrinum, Dendrobium aphyllum, Dendrobium fimbriatum, Coelogyne nitida, Cochlioda noezliana and Phalaenopsis manii.


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