365 days of orchids – day 99 – Bulbophyllum falcatum


A lovely orchid to grow but a tricky one to photograph is Bulbophyllum falcatum. The species produced a double row of small flowers along a flat rachis giving a lovely overall effect. The species is native to Central and West Africa where it grows as an epiphyte in wet evergreen lowland forest.

We find this a really rewarding and easy species to grow that flowers from a young age but multiplies quickly. It likes the warmth of Warm Asia and soon drops leaves if grown to cool. The species comes in several colour forms and we have shown a more standard form on the left with a lighter yellow form (sometimes incorrectly sold as alba) in the centre and right. We find it grows well in a basket or a pot but in a pot it may quickly grow out of its own pot and try rooting in any others near it.


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