365 days of orchids – day 89 – Epidendrum parkinsonianum

Here is our plant of Epidendrum parkinsonianum ‘Jess’ that received a cultural commendation at the London Show. As you can see it has magnificent long dark green semi-terete leaves and large white and green moth pollinated flowers.

We found this species in the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica where it grows at around 1200m altitude hanging on the trunks and main branches of trees near rivers. This habitat surprised us as we had assumed from the thick leaves that it needs a dry bright environment. Moving the plant into cool shady conditions in our Cool Americas section (minimum 12C) in 2007 has resulted in much better growth and heavy flowering. We keep the plant damp throughout the year.


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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    It’s beautiful but no more than any others on your display ! I found it hard to choose a favorite