365 days of orchids – day 70 – Gongora leucochila

Gongora leucochila is the white lipped Gongora although a few other species have white lips too. It is a striking flower with its heavy red spotting and as usual for Gongora a great smell. Our Gongoras are really excelling them selves at the moment and a count this week found that we have eight different species all in flower. This plant in common with many others has produced several flower spikes but they are staggered so that they flower independently over a period of about six weeks. This clearly makes good sense to the plant that can attract pollinators over a long period and is great in the greenhouse as we always have Gongoras in flower to admire and sniff.

This year we are adding to the displays we have set up at the Bristol Aquarium by adding a permanent Gongora display that can raise the profile of these great orchids with the public and give a scented experience for all those who come close.

Gongora leucochila is a Central American species found from Southern Mexico to Panama.



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