365 days of orchids – day 7 – Masdevallia superbiens – and vote for orchid of the week


We are real fans of the genus Masdevallia. These plants are mostly found in the cloud forests of south and central America and so we grow them cool (minimum 12C) in Cool Americas with plenty of water throughout the year. Most Masdevallias produce one flower per spem but some like Mas. superbiens produce many flowers on each spike. The remarkable flowers of this species with purple spots on a white ground and orange/yellow tails on each sepal make it rather special and so aptly named. It is native to Ecuador and Bolivia.

365 days has now reached day 7 and so it is time for the first public vote for orchid of the week. Enter your vote here for results tomorrow – Vote 



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  1. Gongora gratulibunda for orchid of the week!