365 days of orchids – Day 60 – Cattleya harpophylla

This is a Brazilian species pollinated by hummingbirds. The plant shown was purchased as a flask of seedlings during the 1990s from Greenaway Orchids run by our much missed friend Bob Dadds under its then name of Laelia harpophylla. It is one of a number of brightly coloured small growing plants found in dryish  tropical habitats in Eastern Brazil either as epiphytes or lithophytes.  We found the closely related Laelia cinnabarina growing on bare granite rock close to Pseudolaelia corcovadensis (day5) in Brazil in 2006.

We grow the species both mounted and in well drained baskets of course bark in our Cool Americas Section watering it well in summer but less frequently when not growing in the winter. It is best to avoid spraying water on the flowers.


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