365 days of orchids – day 56 – Pholidota chinensis

This image shows a long flower spike.

Hello everyone my name is Edward. The Pholidota chinensis comes from china (chinensis means China) and Vietnam . When it flowers it’s many spikes produce around twenty small pinkish white flowers each that smell of bubblegum. We keep this flower in warm Asia where it is very warm and humid.

Simon Pugh-Jones adds; The genus Pholidota is closely related to Coelogyne and most of the genus have small flowers attractively presented in pendulous spikes. In Laos and Arunachal Pradesh (The extreme North Eastern sate of India which is disputed by China) we have found Pholidota species to be amongst the most numerous encountered in forests from about 1000m – 2000m altitude.

Our experience is that Pholidota species are straight forward in cultivation and worth looking out for.


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