365 days of orchids – day 348 – Chiloschista parishii

Chiloschista is a genus of leafless orchids found in Asia. We have seen species in Sikkim and Laos where plants produce extensive chlorophyl filled root systems and sprays of pretty flowers. The flower spikes are bright green suggesting that they help with photosynthesis too.

In cultivation the plants need to be grown mounted so that the roots are exposed to light and we hang our plants high in the Warm Asia section. Where we give plants a wet summer and a dryer winter.

Chiloschista parishii is found from the Himalayas through to South East Asia where it grows in seasonally dry lowland forest. We have seen the cooler growing Chiloschista usneoides in Sikkim and Laos. The plant below was near the road not far north of Gangtok.


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