365 days of orchids – day 327 – Cleisostoma subulatum

This is our third Cleisostoma species. It is a medium sized plant with long pendulous spikes of small flowers that open successively. The species is found from Sikkim in the Himalayas through South east Asia to Malaysia and the Philippines. It grows as an epiphyte in lowland forest up to 500m altutide.

Cleisostoma is a lovely genus and plants have very diverse leaves but very similar flowers. The flowers all have their spurs protruding from their buds well before they open. The leaves on today’s species are long narrow and flat where as Cleisostoma arietinum (day 194) has short curved terete leaves.(see below)

We grow all our Cliesostoma species in our Warm Asia section in shade and warmth (minimum 18C)



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