365 days of orchids – day 308 – Coelogyne swaniana


Coelogyne swaniana is one of the warm growing Coelogyne species. It is found in Malaysai, Borneo, Sumatra and the Philippines in evergreen forests at around 900m altitude where it grows in moss on shaded branches or steep banks.

As well as large attractive flowers on pendulous spikes it has broad glossy leaves and plump pseudobulbs making the plant attractive throughout the year.

It grows well for us in Warm Asia in shade and watered well throughout the year. We find with Coelogynes of this type that the flowers bruise easily on suffer from water damage and so it is a good idea to move the flowering plants onto a high shelf where the flowers can be enjoyed and treated carefully to extend blooming. More than once we have missed the flowers completely as they have become lost amongst other plants on a crowded bench.


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