365 days of orchids – day 27 – Dendrobium teretifolium var. aureum

dendrobium teretefolium 2 dendrobium teretefolium

Hello it is Otto here. I am one of the people who takes the photos with Joe and Ben. Today we have Dendrobium teretifolium var aureum for orchid of the day. This orchid is from the New South Wales and Queensland districts of Australia. The conditions we keep it in is in Cool Americas as it is a very similar to the natural habitat with coolish temperatures of minimum 12C in winter.

This is an unusual orchid because it has terete leaves which means that the leaves are thin and cylindrical. This is usually an adaptation to cope with dry conditions and for this Dendrobium the winters are cool and dry in its natural habitat so we grow the plant on a bare cork bark mount where it can stay nice and dry between waterings. The plant also produces a lot of thick roots and with the plant in the photo these roots have attached firmly to the mesh support so the orchid will not be moving for a while and at some point we will have to pull it free.



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