365 days of orchids – day 26 – Pleurothallis galeata

IMG_1236 IMG_1240 IMG_1238

Today we have another of our wonderful small flowered orchids. Pleurothallis galeata is a medium sized plant that produces sprays of around twenty pretty little flowers from the base of every leaf.

The species grows at an altitude of around 2000-3000m in South American cloud forest and so we grow the plant in Cool Americas (Minimum 12C) The species seems to do well in pots or mounted and produces a lot of fine roots suggesting it is an easy plant to grow. Our plant regularly produce keikis (young plants) on older leaves and so we are able to propagate the species easily. A must for any collection.

By the way our close up photos are taken by students using a macro lens on an iPad or iPhone. Plant and flowers shown below.

pleurothallis galeata


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