365 days of orchids – day 255 – Malaxis porphyrea (?) (actually Malaxis kobi)


This is a terrestrial species with attractive non-resupinate flowers on short spikes from the centre of growths consisting of about three fleshy leaves. Unfortunately this is nothing like the true Malaxis porphyrea which is a terrestrial from arid lands in Mexico and Arizona and only has one leaf along with very small flowers…hmmm we need to do some research.

From growing the plant it appreciates damp and shade in cool Americas and so I assume that it is a South American species from cool moist forests. We will let you know when we get a positive identification. By the way the plant came from Burnham Nurseries.

Tallis has spent the day researching this species and it turns out to come from Java and be Malaxis kobi (Thank you Tallis)



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