365 days of orchids – day 134 – Dendrobium lindleyi

This is a small growing dendrobium species that out of flower looks like a larger version on Dendrobium jenkinsii (day 123) but its 6cm bulbs produce long spikes of large flowers and give a dramatic display. As you can see below our relatively small plant (deflasked in about 2010) has three lovely spikes.

The species is found over a wide range from Assam through South East Asia and we have seen it growing in Loas near Luang Prabang near the Mekong river at around 700m growing in seasonally dry evergreen forest. The plants most common in the lower branches.

Like other members of Dendobium secion densiflorum (That is the species Densiflorum, Thyrsiflorum and Jenkinsii) we find the species does best with a warm wet summer in Warm Asia and then a dryish cooler winter and for Dendrobium lindleyi we prefer the roof of Cool Americas.


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