365 days of orchids – day 282 – Restrepia contorta

Our restrepias are looking magnificent at the moment and Restrepia contorta stands out with a heavy flower count for the size of plants. This species is native to South America from Venezuela to Peru growing in cloud forests from 1300 to 3200m altitude. It produces wider but shorter flowers than many restrepia species and like many species […]


365 days of orchids – day 281 – Barkeria lindleyana

  This weekend is a pink weekend with this charismatic Central American species to follow Cattleya maxima. This Barkeria is found in from Mexico to Costa Rica in warm deciduous forest where it experiences a distinct dry season. It responds to the dry habitat by producing a mass of roots and growing tall canes rapidly […]


A brilliant day with Hettie and Nicky from the Eden project

Today was a full on orchid day with our visitors from the Eden Project, Hettie and Nicky, coming to learn more about orchids and their propagation. The Orchid Project Team ran a range of workshop sessions – greenpod seed sowing (above photo) re-plating in-vitro, mounting plants, orchid care and an orchid treasure hunt. The team […]