365 days of orchids – day 295 – Pleurothallis tuerckheimii

  This is one of the most rewarding pleurothallis species we grow and one we think more people should have in their collections. It is a robust species that grows attractive glossy leaves before producing long dramatic spikes of deep red flowers in the autumn. It will produce fantastic specimen plants as well as flowering […]


365 days of orchids – day 294 – Ornithophora radicans

This is a warm growing miniature species from Brazil found near the Atlantic coast at around 400m altitude. We find that the species prefers deep shade and will grow cooler than the habitat suggests and so does well in both Warm and Cool Americas. The plant rapidly multiplies into an attractive ball of thin green […]


A level students set up forty germination experiments

 (Megan, Olivia and Chloe in the growth room) All of the forty Year 13 students studying A level Applied Science have set up their own germination tests in the Mendip BioScience Labs this week. The students visited our partner scientists at the Jodrell Laboratories at Kew in July and have applied their learning from the visit to […]