365 days of orchids – day 265 – Lepanthopsis prolifera

Just 100 days to go! This tiny flowered species which is endemic to North Eastern Colombia arrived in the school greenhouses as a ‘weed’ on Pleurothallis sclerophylla and has since expanded into a ball and produced many offspring. The flowers are produced in sprays on a 1cm spike and usually line up back to back […]


365 days of orchids – day 262 – Bulbophyllum sessile

This small flowered Bulbophyllum species is native to South East Asia and Malaysia. It is a member of the oxysepela section of Bulbophyllum where flowers are unusually produced from the rhizome between the small pseudobulbs. The small flowers are produced in profusion giving a very attractive plant. The plant grows high in evergreen trees at […]


365 days of orchids – day 261 – Pleurothallis sonderana

Another mini miniature species is Pleurothallis sonderana. The species is endemic to Southern Brazil where it grows as an epiphyte in cool moist forest. We find Pleurothallis sonderana is a vigorous plant that forms a great little specimen and can be easily propagated by division. We always grow the species mounted and the plant shown has […]