365 days of orchids – day 228 – Masdevallia pachyura

  This is a small multiflowered Masdevallia species found in cloud forests from 1000 to 3000m in Ecuador and Peru. As could be expected from its range it is a variable species but all have pretty little flowers and in our experience the species is straight forward in cultivation and multiplies relatively quickly. This variety […]


365 days of orchids – day 226 – Dendrobium harveyanum

This wonderful dendrobium is native to Southern China and South East Asia where it grows as an epiphyte at around 1100-1700m in seasonally dry forest. It is semi deciduous and flowers from new and old pseudobulbs together in a fantastic display of its intricate flowers with long filamented edges to the lip and petals. The […]


Posting an orchid species in flower every day of the year (365 days)

Visitors new to our website will have noticed our feature – 365 days of orchids. At he start of 2017 we set ourselves the challenge of photographing and writing a post every day of the year with a different orchid species. With over 1000 orchid species in our collection we were sure it was possible […]