365 days of Orchids – day 54 – Phalaenopsis manii

Phalaenopsis manii is a species from the lowland forests of the Himalayan foothills. I have seen it growing in Nameri National Park, one of Assam’s fantastic Tiger reserves. (see photo below) The photo clearly shows the natural habitat for the plant. The forest is lowland seasonally dry forest and there is not sufficient rainfall or […]


365 days of orchids – day 53 – Dendrobium speciosum

This magnificent orchid is native to Australia. Its aboriginal name is “Tar-Beri” and it is also known as the “Rock Lily”. When in flower it is one of our largest orchids measuring nearly 2m across with many hundred lovely fragrant flowers each about 2cm across. It is one of those orchids that stops you in your […]


365 days of orchids – day 51 – Masdevallia pandurilabia

This cute Masdevallia from Peru is named after the lute shaped lip (its actually rather small so a teeny weeny lute) The thing we like more is the dramatic spotting and the flowers crossed legs (tails) which give it an unusually relaxed look. Masdevallia pandurilabia comes from really cool high altitude cloud forest above 2600m […]