Workshops with KCCEM students

The team have devised and delivered a range of workshops to KCCEM diploma students at the college. The students are studying diplomas in Wildlife Management, Forestry and Tourism and have been working with Zoe and Heather at the college so have some good knowledge about orchids.

Each workshop devised and delivered by a Writhlington student was repeated four times to allow all the interested KCCEM students to get involved.

The workshops were a great success and feedback from the participants highlighted the effectiveness of activities the quality of resources and the knowledge of the Writhlington students. we were very impressed by the comittment, interest and understanding shown by the KCCEM students.

Orchid seed with Charlotte Orchid seed with Charlotte Orchid lifecycle with Georgia and Jess Orchid lifecycle with Georgia and Jess Orchid Hunt with Emily Orchid Hunt with Emily Mycorrhiza with Rosie Mycorrhiza with Rosie Orchid industry with Tom Orchid industry with Tom Orchid diversity with Josh Orchid diversity with Josh

KCCEM data log

Data logging with Aaron

3D printing with James 3D printing with James

Other members of the team suppoted the workshop leaders.



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  1. Sarah Rick says:

    Blown away by the warm you all do. Top job!

  2. Sarah Rick says:

    Excuse typos – *work* not *warm*

  3. Giles Vallis says:

    Great to see all the Writhlington students getting involved and clearly enjoying the teaching/collaboration with KCCEM students!

  4. Annie pj says:

    Your all doing such a good job the students look so interested I reckon your all brilliant teachers watch out Mr P-J !!!

  5. I think its fantastic to see you all running such amazing workshops such great photos James perhaps there is a teacher inside you after all