Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset Orchid Society Show

fullsizerender-1We had a lovely day at the Somerset, Wilts and Dorset OS Show. Thanks to the organisers for making us so welcome. The Orchid Project display had more yellow flowered orchids than usual, including Dendrochilum magnum, and also featured two clones of the blue species Dendrobium victoria-reginae native to the Philippines. Jacob’s plant (the lighter blue in the centre) won best Dendrobium.

img_1001Dendrochilum magnum (winner of best coelogyninae and best species in show) also comes from the Philippines but is warmer growing than Dendrobium victoria-reginae as the Dendrobium comes from cool mountain forests and the Dendrochilum from warm lowland forest.

Thanks to Annie for a really well put together and pretty display.


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