Orchid in a box

We took over the library for one of our sessions and did orchid in a box. Orchid in a box is when we paired the students up and gave one person a picture of an orchid and the other colouring pencils and paper. They had to describe the orchid for there partner to draw. Then we taught them orchid anatomy and got them to swap over and do the same again but hopefully with better pictures as they understand the anatomy of an orchid and can describe the orchid better.



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  1. Simon Pugh-Jones says:

    Great work – I look forward to seeing the photos.

  2. gordon says:

    can we buy any orchids to start off from you

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Come and see us at the next London Orchid Show on 1st and 2nd April at the RHS Halls, Westminster or at Hampton Court Flower Show in July.

  3. Janet Barnes says:

    Everyone looks to be concentrating so hard!