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Here we are ready to jump in the KCCEM bus to head back to the forest. The weather is fine and we are all refreshed after a good nights sleep and a substantial breakfast. Thanks again for all the comments, it is great to know you are following our adventures.


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  1. Gilly Vallis says:

    What a fantastic adventure you are all having. Am loving seeing all the photos and comments.

  2. Gareth Buckle says:

    lovely pic would be even better to see our Jess and not just her hair from where she’s hiding behind someone else

  3. Nichola Thearle says:

    Great to see you all amongst your new friends, I bet you’ve had an amazing time getting to know each other.

  4. Katherine Coles says:

    It is nice to have photographic evidence that Jake is still with you.He’s been maintaining radio silence !

  5. Annie pj says:

    Ah what a lovely picture I think FAWE teacher wins prize for biggest smile, it lovely to see you all!!

  6. Great group shot but only got half of James