Last trek in Nyungwe

For our last trek in Nyungwe we explored the Ngabwe trail which climbs the mountain opposite KCCEM and then runs along its ridge at 2700m altitude. With our FAWE partners we explored a very diverse forest with secondary regrowth, primary elfin forest and wonderful Erica forest on the ridge of quartzite. We again found amazing wildlife including Nyugwe’s only venomous snake the sedge viper. This wonderful metre long green and black snake was hiding in a bush beside the trail.

snake 1

We also saw flying squirrel, a troop of L’hoest monkey (mountain monkey) crossed the canopy above our heads and we saw Rwenzori turaco again with Jess finding these lovely feathers from the bird.


The plants were fantastic too including many orchids and the very rare insectivorous species Utricularia troupinii. The most abundant orchid was Disperis dicerochila shown below.

Disperis dicerochila

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Kitabi and head back to Kigali.


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  1. Nichola Thearle says:

    Sounds like a really exciting hike… And what a handsome snake! Impressed you got a photo.

  2. Sarah Hughes says:

    beautiful snake, just glad none of you came to close to it,

  3. Giles Vallis says:

    What an amazing snake!

  4. Sarah Hughes says:

    wow , snakes , feathers and flowers . i know which i prefer .

  5. Matt Coles says:

    Enjoy the last few days.

  6. Fantastic photos of your last trek gorgeous coloured snake too

  7. Jane gibbs says:

    Wish I was there trekking through the forest seeing such beauty. Loving the photos!especially the snake good photography.

    Just to add we would love to wish our Joshua a happy 18th birthday today! Can’t imagine a better place to spend it. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about this amazing trip.