In the forest with FAWE girls

The FAWE student arrived at KCCEM at 8pm last night and after a stormy night with heavy rain and thunder we headed to a dripping forest. The rain stopped as we began our trek and the girls, aided by Writhlington students, carried out detailed observations of orchids in the forest.
We have all made it back to KCCEM and student teams are now writing up their research.


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  1. Annie pj says:

    Hooray for the rain capes!
    I think they look as good on the girls as they did on Josh!
    Hope they kept e eryone dry!

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      The rain ponchos were brilliant. Without them we could not have set off from Kitabi as it was still raining at 7am.

  2. Matt Coles says:

    It looks even greener after the rain. Did it give the place a different feel ?

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      The forest was magic today – moist air rising from the trees – animals drying themselves out – and all the forest alive with sounds, smells and a gentle dripping.

  3. Sophie McDonnell says:

    I can imagine the FAWE girls enjoyed the forest, rain or shine!

  4. Matt Coles says:

    Sounds fantastic. A day to remember.