Happy birthday Josh

Josh celebrated his birthday in Rwandan style thanks to Gerard organising a cake.

As you can see the cake has a large firework in the middle!!!!
Another Rwandan tradition is to pour water over you on your birthday – this was a surprise to Josh but he took it very well.


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  1. Annie pj says:

    What an exciting candle!!!
    Happy birthday Josh, looks like your having a special day.

  2. Janet Barnes says:

    Happy Birthday Josh.

  3. Nichola Thearle says:

    Happy Birthday Josh- you won’t forget this one!

  4. Sophie McDonnell says:

    Happy birthday, Josh! Looks like it went off with a bang

  5. Jane Gibbs says:

    Wow josh what a candle! Not to worry we have plenty of buckets of water here for you when you get home hope you have had an amazing time xx