Christmas in Nyungwe

Over christmas we also got to visit Nyungwe.  This time we saw orchids and not many animals.  Maybe we are louder on foot than in a car, or maybe the animals are just smaller in Nyungwe.  We did 2 different trails, Igishigishigi and of course Kamiranzovu swamp trail.  With the Igishigishigi trail we also did the canopy walkway about 80m above the forest floor.  It gave us amazing views.

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  1. Simon Pugh-Jones says:

    Jacob, Jacob, Jess and me have been checking the orchids and agree that the pink terrestrial is Satyrium crassicaule (the pink form – we have seen the white form in Nyungwe before) and the Bulbophyllum is Bulbophyllum josephi
    Nice photos.