Bristol University Pollination Day

Thanks to the team at the Bristol University Botanic Gardens for organising this year’s event and making Writhlington students so welcome. Well done to to Issy, Jess, Tallis, Chloe and adult helpers Sarah, Gareth, Annie and Gareth’s mum for making our display such a hit with visitors. I have had lots of people asking me to congratulate Jess, Chloe and Tallis for their very professional lectures on the Orchid Project and Rwanda Expedition.


Curator Nick Wray with Chloe and Tallis in front of their display on Sunday.


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  1. celia east says:

    I had a really good time on saturday. It was good to see all the hard work that goes into these displays. Well done to everyone. I’m really proud of Jess as this was her first time talking about Rwanda. Well done.