Best Trade Display at the Three Counties Show

A big thank you to the organisers of the International Orchid Show at Malvern, a great show and a chance to catch up with our orchid friends from the UK, Europe, the US and South America.
Well done to the display team, Issy, Jess, Charlotte and Jacob who won Best Trade Display as well as two Best in Class and three Merits.
Thanks as well to the students who came up over the weekend, the Buckle family for running things on Friday and our other volunteers, Annie, Katherine and Matt.
Phot shows Jess with the Best Trade Exhibit Trophy.


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  1. Sarah Buckle says:

    We had a great weekend and met some interesting, lovely people, who made us feel very welcome. well done to the Writhlington Orchid team.

  2. Silvio says:

    Good morning,

    congratulations, lovely initiative! I am a teacher in a technical school in Italy, and I would be grateful if you could share some information about your general setup: which and how many laminar flow hoods you have, your greenhouse, if you mix your own media, or you buy them ready, and so on.

    Kind regards,

    Silvio a Beccara
    Trento, Italy

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Hi Silvio, thanks for your interest. We have three flow hoods that allows us to do class experiments and propagation work. Our greenhouse is 20m x 10m and is divided into five sections we call warm asia, cool asia, warm americas, cool americas and temperate to allow us to grow a wide variety of species successfully (around 800 species). We used to ix our own media but now use half strength Phytamax maintenance media with 25g agar in 4 litres of water and pH adjusted to 6