Arrived at KCCEM

We have arrived at Kitabi College of Conservation and environmental management. We have been given a tour of the lab and new growing area by Zoe, Heather and two of the leading orchid students Jean Luke and Jean Claude. Very impressive work. We have no internet at present but will blog more when we do.



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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    So glad you’re there safe and a great group shot enjoy your time there

  2. Great photo enjoy your time there

  3. Matt Coles says:

    Good to see it’s coming on out there. Is that a poly tunnel you’re in ?

  4. After visiting our greenhouse at kccem I noticed that our orchids it still growing but not good compare to the time spending in greenhouse as my research,as you known each plant (orchids) depends on temperature for growth but our greenhouse instead of moderating temperature lower it compare outside temperature as you know our region is so cold. so when you look transplanted orchid in lab but still in house . after bring from greenhouse in October their grow are mean that our orchids temperature not good for better growth.