A busy Thursday at Hampton Court

Well done to our Thursday team of year 7a, 9s and 10s. Countless visitors have found me to complement the students on their knowledge, explanations and enthusiasm.


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  1. Gareth Buckle says:

    They have a good teacher

  2. We were absolutely delighted to meet one of your students who chatted animatedly to us about the Orchid project on Saturday during our 3-730 visit to Hampton. It was the young lady on the far right of this photo above.

    What a total credit she is to your school and your teaching methodologies. She is so happy, articulate, polite and extremely interesting! Please pass on our thanks for her taking the time and trouble to enthuse us. The orchids she showed us were really quite breathtaking. She won’t remember us, we were quite old and quite tired!

    Best of luck with your wonderful project in the future. Debs and Sue

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Thanks for your support. I have passed the comments on to her form teacher.