All 27 students on the KCCEM Wildlife Management Diploma have now successfully carried out orchid seed sowing and re-plating. Big thanks to Zoe and Heather for setting up the lab so brilliantly last August and Annie for working so hard today.
Seed sowing was greenpod of Polystachya adansoniae a gorgeous small flowered epiphyte found in the swamp forest around Kamiranzovu swamp.
Students from FAWE School arrive tomorrow.


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  1. Anna Jones says:

    Sounds good, all the best for tomorrow!

  2. jane c Jones says:

    Straight into it. No messing! So very typical of you two!
    Sounds as if good work is being done by everyone and that there is some fast learning and exchange of ideas going on.
    Wonder if the swamp is a difficult place to explore, wet and muddy or is that only my perception of swamps.
    Hope all goes well today.
    Love Mum.