Aquarium day two

Another busy day at the Bristol Aquarium and the orchid conservation display is finished. 50 orchid species, a living seed propagation display and supporting information look amazing. We are delighted that Aquarium staff are really happy with our work and we are already talking about the next permanent display (cloud forest orchids?) Well done to […]


Aquarium day 1

Today we started building our permanent display at the Bristol Aquarium. A brilliant team of Talis, Martha, Cara, Lottie, Charlotte, Chloe, Emily, Ashley, Jacob and Josh worked all day with Aquarium staff especially Wendy and Matt to set up an amazing wall of orchid species. Nearly forty species are already in place with more to […]


Working with Eden

Today we were joined at Writhlington by Hetty Ninnis, Rainforest Biome Team Lead at the Eden project, for a day planning a stunning new display. A very slow tour of the orchid houses developed into productive discussions about orchid species, their stories and cultural requirements. We hope that the new display will be constructed within the […]