Workshops with pupils from Byimana School begin

Today’s workshops cover a wide rage of orchid science.

20140721-170948.jpg Orchid anatomy with Geogia, Maisha and Tom includes learning about orchid flowers and designing your own orchid species

20140721-171136.jpg Orchid Laboratory is a workshop run by Zoe and Heather where every Byimana pupil will sow orchid seed using aseptic methods.

20140721-171505.jpg Orchid ecology is a workshop run by Ike, Devin and Jacob looking at orchid life cycle, orchid diversity and some key words used in the description of orchid adaptation.


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  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    Georgia, you even look like you know what you’re talking about !!

  2. Annie pj says:

    I’ve heard of rage against the machine, not against orchid science!!
    But seriously you all look so engaged and confident brilliant stuff.

  3. Haley Shackleton says:

    You are all brilliant, keep up the good work.